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Constitution Square, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

How to Walk through Luxembourg city in one day

So, how can you spend one day in Luxembourg City with me? I will take you along with me on the route which I exercised on my day trip.

Luxembourg means “A Little Fortress” and the words come in a rhythmic order to spell Luxembourg. So, it was the first introduction to Luxembourg with me. This microstate of Europe and one of the richest states of the world always appealed to me to visit its great historical sites dated back to 963AD. So, Last year before Covid-19 I was able to reach this beautiful country for one day. The city was a compact one a really walkable place. I visited all the marked places while enjoying my walk into the streets of the old town to the waterfront of Alzette river of Grund and finally the Chemin De la Corniche walk.

Luxembourg city has two distinguished parts

Ville Haute area, which is an upper part of the city and from where we can overlook the panoramic views of Grund area. It is a modern part of the city.

Ville Basse area or more likely the Grund Area adjacent to the Alzette River. It is a village part of the city.

The two parts of Luxembourg
Upper and lower part of Luxembourg City

How to get to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a part of the European Union and is a part of Schengen states too. So, you can visit this country if You have a Schengen visa stamped in your passport or you are among the visa exempted countries.

Most of the people come to Luxembourg on a day trip. Likewise, you can arrive here from any of its neighboring countries. It will be best to make it a transit between two countries. I came to visit it from Germany and went to Belgium after spending my day here. In general, we can reach there by

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car

I used the FLIX BUS to reach there and used the train to Brussels for my next part of journey.

Getting around the Luxembourg city

Although you can freely walk the whole city on foot as it is a compact city and almost all places of attraction are at the walkable distance. However, you can use Public Buses or private taxis here. A bus ticket is for 2Euro and on this ticket, you can use all types of transport within Luxembourg for four hours.

You can get a Luxembourg card for a whole day too which cost you 13Euro for one day.

Places to visit in luxembourg in one day

I got off my bus at P+R Bouillon. Although it was a bus station in Luxembourg keep this thing into mind that you can find only a couple of benches there and you can’t buy your ticket from there. However, if you have your online ticket with you then buses will pick you up from there too. On the other hand, Luxembourg Gare central is a main bus/Railway station in Luxembourg.

Railway station (Gare Central)

I used public transport to reach Railway Station, where I stored my luggage. The luggage facility is inside the station near the first platform. I paid 5 Euro for this facility and it is recommending for those who haven’t any plan to stay a night here.

Notre dame Cathedral

From Gare, I took the Avenue de la Gare and reached Notre dame. It is a trek of about 1.5km. Alternatively, you can take bus# 4,10,13,14 which has a stop at Notre dame Cathedral.

It is a magnificent Roman Catholic cathedral. It’s the only cathedral in Luxembourg city and it was built in 1613. It is famous for its Gothic style architecture. The outside door needs some force to open as it is well built and even have the life of many centuries.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg
Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg
The outer gate of Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg
The outer gate of Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg

GElle Fra (Golden Lady)

My next stop of Gelle Fra “THE MONUMENT OF REMEMBRANCE” which is almost a few yards from Notre Dame Cathedral and is in the direction of Adolph Bridge. You can’t skip a 21-meter-tall monument of a lady in gold color. It is the Gold Lady of Luxembourg and it is the Monument of remembrance which is built for those peoples who sacrificed their lives for Luxembourg in WWII.

Place De La Constitution

Just behind the Gelle Fra, you can see a huge garden which is also related to the memorial to remember the heroes of Luxembourg who participated in WWI. Here you can notice many flags of Luxembourg standing tall in a row to show a significant effect. However, there were only poles without flags when I visited it.

Gelle Fra, the Golden Lady of Luxembourg
Gelle Fra, the Golden Lady of Luxembourg

Adolph Bridge and Petrusse valley

Adolph Bridge is a well-known sight and is considered a landmark of Luxembourg. If we make our way down to the magnificent park, then we enter into Petrusse Valley and it is best for some time to relax in the park. In this area, you can find many spots where you can take your postcard pictures.

National Museum of Art and city history Museum

You can visit these two Museums in the old city area of the Ville Haute. History Museum has an entry ticket of 5 Euro and displays the history of Luxembourg as dating from 963AD. Art Museum is a small one and its entry is free. It is said this place used to be a prison in past.

Adolph Bridge and Petrusse Valley in Luxembourg
Adolph Bridge and Petrusse Valley

History Museum in old city of Luxembourg
City Museum in old city of Luxembourg

Palace of the Grand Duke in Luxembourg City

From Adolph Bridge, you have to come a little back and go to your next stop which is the state residence of Grand Duke and was built in 1572. You can visit it on a guided tour. Grand duke is officially the head of state of Luxembourg.

Place Guilaume II

It is a town square in Old-city and best known for its cafes and foods. If you are a bit tired, then you can take your lunch there.

In this square, you can see the statue of Grand Duke William II.

Statue of William II in town square of Old city
Statue of William II in town square ,Old city of Luxembourg
Adolf Bridge and Petrusse Valley
Palace of Grand Duke in old city

Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator

Now you have to take a long walk from the city center to take an oscillation ride onto Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator. You can take the route via Montee de Pfaffenthal and it will take about 10 minutes to reach there. It is a free activity, connects the upper level of the city with the lower level, and provides awesome perspective with a thrilling ride.

Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator
Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator, Luxembourg

The Grund, Lower part of the luxembourg city

It is the main area in Villa Basse and its untouched village life adding a diversified image in Luxembourgish cultural style. Alzette River, old historic buildings, and calmness are the main elements of Grund’s life.

Alzette River in Lower part of the city . Grund
Alzette River in Lower part of the city of Lexumbourg

Casemates du Bock

You can take the Pfaffenthal lift back to the upper part of Luxembourg again and now we are heading towards the largest casemates networking we heard about. Casemates du Bock is a complex of underground tunnels and galleries which were established for War purpose in the way back to 10th century. Some of its tunnels used as shelters in WWII. You can get the best view from the top of the Bock and its ticket is 7Euro.

Casmates du Bock, Luxembourg
Casmates du Bock, Luxembourg

Huelen Zant

A few yards from Casemates du Bock there is a ruin of a tower. Although, it is not a ruin but an architecture which is built by a state architect in 1874.

Huelen Zant
Huelen Zant, Luxembourg

Chemin De La Corniche

Then you can walk back and take your way back to Gare. You can take the scenic walk within beautiful houses and views and it is recommended in an everyday tour of Luxembourg. You can get the best views of the Alzette river valley and Grund from Above.

Chemin De La Corniche
on the way to Chemin De La Corniche, Luxembourg

Best time to visit luxembourg

Like other European cities, it is best to visit from April to October. We visited it in November, which is considered off-season. However, in this manner, we visited freely and came across with very less number of travelers.

Is it worth to visit luxembourg City

You can take this destination as a transit between two countries. For a perfect day trip, you have to reach here very early. Otherwise, you can make a night stay here, either before your tour or after the tour.

Luxembourg Stone
Luxembourg Stone

Hey, This is Rashid and I am here to share my Wide Angle Dreams with you, with the aim to provide you a Wide Angle to catch your bucket list dreams of travelling and trekking. If you love to travel but feel that you are bound in tough daily routines and find very little time to catch your travelling dreams, then you are at a right place.

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