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Monte Carlo Monaco

How To Visit Monaco? The 2nd Smallest Country in The World

While my stay in Nice I have a day tour to Monaco which is the 2nd smallest country in the world. So, in this blog post, I will share my experience that how I visit Monaco, a microstate from Nice, France. On my recent trip, I visited many microstates that include Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican.

Monaco is a pretty small country, and you can easily visit it on a day trip, It’s a beautiful independent microstate known for famous attractions such as Monte Carlo. It has beautiful residential as well as commercial areas. Monaco is the second-smallest nation in the world which has an area of 2.02 square kilometers (0.78 square miles) only. Indeed, this small area makes it one of the most densely packed countries in the world.

The Rock of Monte Carlo
The Rock of Monte Carlo

Monaco, The Millionaire Country

Nowadays Monaco has become the first choice for tourists and a tax haven for wealthy people. It is one of the richest countries in the world as one-third of the population is Millionaire. I mostly heard the name Monaco as Monte Carlo casino, Expensive yachts, James Bond movies, the Grand Prix, and such expensive events. When I have a plan to fly from Geneva to Malta, I came across a budget option to get a route via Nice. So, I make a change in my plan and happily add Nice as well as Monaco to my tour. In the end, I was quite happy with my decision and a half-day tour to Monaco was an important highlight of my European trip.

Colorful Buildings of Monte Carlo Monaco
Colorful Buildings of Monte Carlo Monaco

How to Get To Monaco?

While Monaco is about a 30 minutes bus/train ride from Nice. Whereas, a bus is the cheaper option to get to Monaco. So, bus no 100 takes you from Nice to Monaco in an hour for just 1.50 euros. Moreover, the bus leaves from Nice le Port to Monaco Place Des Moulins every 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, you can get an SNCF train that takes about 20 minutes from Nice to Monaco and costs about 4 euros. At this time, it leaves every half an hour and takes you through the stunning riviera. I also opted for this option.

Monte Carlo Monaco
Monte Carlo Monaco
Exit of Monte Carlo Train Station
The exit of Monte Carlo Train Station

How to Get Around in Monaco?

The major part of Monte Carlo city is pretty walkable, although it is quite hilly. However, you can take local city buses which cost 2 euros per ride for 30-minute validity. Tickets can be bought on board, and local buses run every 20-30min. Alternatively, a Hop on Hop off bus is a convenient but a bit expensive way to visit a hassle-free visit to Monaco city.

Ups and downs of Monte Carlo
Ups and downs of Monte Carlo
Tourist train of Monaco
Tourist train of Monaco

Where to Stay in Monaco?

To spend a night in Monaco will quite be expensive. However, a bit search on Air Bnb can provide you with a budget option of around 70$ per night near Monaco. In addition, Nice is the best place to stay for your Monaco visit. I stayed at Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel which has a good review on

How to Visit Monaco In A Day?

On my day tour to Monaco, I wander into the town of Monte Carlo from one end to the other. The main tourist attraction that I visited on my day tour was

  • Monte Carlo Town
  • Monte Carlo Casino
  • Tourist office Monaco
  • Le Rocher (The Rock of Monaco)
  • Prince’s Palace
  • Monaco Harbour
  • Marie office to get stamped my passport by Monaco Stamp

Hope On Hope Off Bus Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you want to visit all of the tourist attractions without spending much time going to them then the HOHO Bus is a good option. Monte Carlo Hop on Hop off bus is a convenient but a bit expensive way to visit a hassle-free visit to Monaco city. It cost about 24$. However, you can visit about 12 other attractions with this ticket.

Visit The Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo Casino is a major tourist attraction for the incoming flux of tourists. This Casino is a part of a larger complex in Casino Square. It is famous for James bond fiction movies. Anyone who is 18 or older, and properly attired can visit this casino. Although the part of the gambling section can be visited by paying a fee of 17€. Indeed it is a top activity while your visit to Monaco.

Monte Carlo Casino
Monte Carlo Casino
Inside Monte Carlo Casino
Inside Monte Carlo Casino

Visit Monaco Harbour

You can take brief sightseeing of Monaco Harbour from many viewpoints. While my route from Casino Square to Le Rocher, I enjoyed the overwhelming views of Monaco harbor. The harbor is one of the most recognizable and important staples of the principality of Monaco. The place is beautiful and very fancy. Nice for a walk and some pictures. Here you look at the beautiful boats in the harbor.  

Monaco Harbor
Monaco Harbor
Beautiful backdrop of Monaco Harbor
A beautiful backdrop of Monaco Harbor

The Rock of Monaco?

The Old Town Monaco or Monaco Ville, also known as Le Rocher (The Rock), is the part of Monaco that has been retained as the original old town. It is a typical European old town that has winding narrow streets along with a line of pretty houses. The Rock is also a great place to take panoramic photographs of Monte Carlo town and harbor.

The Rock of Monaco towards Harbor
The Rock of Monaco toward Harbor
Monaco Harbor and Rock view
Monaco Harbor and Rock view

The Prince’s Palace Monaco

This palace is one of the main buildings in Le Rocher, the old city of Monaco. It served as a fortress and dates back to 1191AD.  This Palace of Monaco sits high on a rocky hilltop overlooking the sea in Le Rocher Area. The palace is open to visitors from April through mid-October. Every day at 11:55 am changing of the guard ceremony takes place in front of the Prince’s Palace. When I visited, I saw this activity in the afternoon time too.

Prince's Palace Monaco
Route to Prince’s Palace
Prince's Palace Square
Prince’s Palace Square

Monaco Grand Prix

Most people know Monaco for the Grand Prix Racing event. During the Grand Prix, the whole country of Monaco transforms into a racing track. every year since 1955, the streets of Monaco have played host to one of the most coveted and glamorous Formula One races

Stamp Your Passport From Mairie

Monaco hasn’t any border controls with other world. So, here you can stamp with the official Monaco stamp from the town hall office of Monaco. its name is Mairie. While you can take a little stroll from Prince’s Palace to Mairie and get your passport stamp without any fee.

Mairie, The Town Hall of Monaco
Mairie, The Town Hall of Monaco

What We have missed in Monaco?

Furthermore, there were several places that we missed on our day tour. These also include

  • The Exotic Garden
  • Museum Oceanography
  • Saint Martin Garden
  • Saint Nicholas Cathedral

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