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Tajikistan Visa

How to Get the Tajikistan Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Nowadays getting a Tajikistan visa becomes a tricky activity. There you will find the same hurdles to obtain an online e-visa as well as from the Tajikistan Consulate visa. Tajikistan offers a simplified system of online e-visa for tourists planning a trip to the country. This system allowing travelers to apply online without needing to visit a Tajik consulate. Tajikistan offers two types of e-visas, single entry, and multiple entries. These visas are issued for a period of 90 days and are valid for stays up to 60 days.

A brief History of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia. It shares its borders with Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Tajikistan is a landlocked country, known for rugged mountains and popular for hiking and climbing. Its landscape is dominated by the Pamir, Fann, and Alay mountains. Karakul lake is the largest body of water in Tajikistan. It is located in the Tajik National Park in Pamir Mountain’s region. Dushanbe is its capital and the most important, and well-established city. Other important cities are Khujand, Istaravshan, Kulob, Khorog, Qurghonteppa, and Vahdat.

Recent issues to get Tajikistan Visa

 Nowadays, the e-visa system is not actively responsive and adds a lot of delays so alternatively, you can use THIS SITE to take a visa from the consulate.

So we will discuss both the conditions one after the other to use these sites for your visa to Tajikistan

Tajikistan E-visa

This process used to be the simplest and easy one to get the Tajikistani visa and people used to get the visa within 2~3 days with minimum hassle and a few documents are required.

  • Validity of E-Visa: 90 Days
  • Visa Fee:30$ or 50$ (if you add GBAO in your selection)
  • Processing time:3 working days
  • E-Visa site:
  • Document required: Scanned Passport copy
  • Visa duration: 60 Days
Tajikistan E-Visa Portal
Tajikistan E-visa website

A step-by-step guide to Tajikistan e-visa

Here is the step by step guide to obtain your Tajikistan Visa

Apply-Provide information

  • Open the site which is the official site of Tajikistan Visa. You may found a lot of other sites with similar names but all those are third-party sites and charge extra as part of their hidden fees.
  • In the Tajikistan e-visa site, there are three steps which are Apply – Pay – Get. You have to go through these three steps by clicking the Start button at the top left to initiate your application.
  • Now you are on the Apply page and about to fill the four simple sections

  1. Application data: you have to fill in the country of citizenship, application type, the purpose of visit, entry #, etc. by drop-down list.
  2. Application data: About yourself, name, date of birth, residence, phone #, and email, etc. by writing down.
  3. Passport data: Passport #, Issue/Expire dates, etc.
  4. Permit date: Date of arrival and your proposed address in Tajikistan (Hotel, homestay, etc)

You confirm and validate the above-filled information and click to Next Page at the Right bottom corner.

Apply page of Tajikistan E-visa
Apply page of Tajikistan E-visa

APPLY-attach document

On this page, you have to attach the documents. The only document is the scan copy of your Passport. If you want to add any special document then you can also attach it by the “ Add Optional Document” tag. If you wish, you can add any helping document, like your previous visa or if you have any invitation, etc. Even though it is not mandatory but be helpful in some cases. Hit to Next Step

Attach document page
Attach document Page on e-visa site


Apply- Review your data

Now you are on the review page “Please check the data of the declaration before submitting the application”. Review and click Next.

Review your documents before submission

Review page of Tajikistan e-visa site

Form submission email

At this point, your data has been submitted for the visa. You can pay by now or pay by letter. You will receive an email of confirmation of data receiving that has the following content

“On 2021-XX-XX your application has been successfully submitted and received. Your application ID is XXXXXXXXXX.
Your application has not been paid. The process won’t continue until the application is fully paid. Please go to the “Applications -> Manage your applications” menu in Tajikistan Visa WebPortal to fulfill the payment.

Pay the visa fee

At this point, you have to pay the processing fee of 30$ or 50$( if GBAO is selected) and hit Finish. You will receive another email that confirms your payment and now your application is under process.

get yur tajikistan visa

Most probably, you will receive your visa within the next three days.

Tajikistan E-visa payment page
Tajikistan e-visa payment page

Recent Delays in Tajikistan E-visa system

As stated earlier, Nowadays, the e-visa system is not actively responsive and adds a lot of delays so alternatively, you can use the site to take a visa from the consulate. I called to Tajikistan embassy in Islamabad and discuss the delaines issues which I have read on many social media websites like Tripadvisor/Carvanistan. They confirmed these delaines (about 2months in many cases) due to covid situations. As an alternative, they advised me to submit my application on I was happy to get an alternative but there was a big issue which I came to know while submitting my application on this site.

Tajikistan consulate visa site
Tajikistan Consulate visa site

Tajikistan Sticker visa from consulate

The initial form filling steps of this process of Embassy visa are simple and more or less the same as e-visa site like,

  • Validity of Visa: from 3 days to as per your requirement
  • Visa Fee: It depends on the # of days you applied for. Up to 30 days it is 50$.
  •  Processing time: It depends and from 7 days to 14 days. In our case, we got our visas within seven days from application to getting the visa.
  • E-Visa site:
  • Visa Duration: Generally, from 3days to 45 days. I applied for 14 days and my friend applied for 3 days. They issued the visa for 14 days to both of us.
  • Procedure: Just like previous except the required document

  • Document required:  On contrary to only one document in e-visa, this site requires 5 documents and all of 5 were mandatory.
  • Petition letter of the tourist organization (Simply the invitation Letter)
  • The license of Tourist organization for tourist activities
  • Scanned Passport copy
  •  Scan Photo with white background
  • The Last Tajikistan Visa (What to do if it is going to be your first visit?)

The Actual Issue

My core concern to use this site was to lower down the delay in the e-visa site but this website (Embassy Visa) even needs more time, documents, resources, and energy to get the visa. For the time being, I was thinking to drop Tajikistan from my central Asian tour. So, I closed the case for the time being.

The next day with a fresh mind and for the last available chance I decided to submit my application. And finally, I submitted the document against their requirement.

Documents to be attached for Tajikistan Visa
Documents to be attached for Tajikistan Visa

Pre-Approval to Tajikistan Visa

Within 24 hours I received the email pre-approval to visa and they asked me to go to Embassy for further proceeding.

Embassy visit and Interview

Due to confusion and to avoid any further issues, I called to Tajikistan Embassy in Islamabad and they confirmed my Interview appointment. After the weekend, I went to Embassy and within no time I was sitting beside the Visa officer. The Visa officer was very helpful and cooperative. As there were few days before my proposed departure, so he even offered me to get my visa on the same day with an urgent fee. The urgent visa fee was quite high so, I opt for the normal fee of 50$. So, he confirmed to get back the passport within 3 to 4 days.

Pre Approval email
Pre Approval to Tajikistan Visa

Which documents I submitted

So, after 3 days I got the final Visa Approval mail from the Embassy. And today I got my passport back with the sticker visa of Tajikistan. Now, I am going to tell you the story behind the document submission which I have attached with my application.

  • Against the invitation letter, I attached the reservation of my proposed stay at Dushanbe. I made it from
  • What was the Tourist certificate? I made a complete date wise itinerary and write a comprehensive note at the start by saying: I use to plan my tour activities by myself
  • Against the previous visa, again I made a file by replying them “Sir, I am applying for the first time to Tajikistan Visa, so this question does not apply to me.
  • In Addition to the above three documents, I attached a visa request letter, stating my visa history and other relevant information and attached it to the “Optional Document” tab.
Visa Approval email
Tajikistan Visa Approval email

Final few words

I don’t know, whether it was a proper way or not but somehow it clicked and I got my visa. On the other hand, it provided me a great point and hint to use the “Optional Document” attach button in e-visa like cases. So that we can provide a few more documents that may be helpful to our online visa process.

For further queries about the Tajikistan visa please leave a comment below and I will happy to share the required information about Tajikistan Visa.

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