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Kenya E Visa

How to Get the Kenya E visa on Pakistani Passport?

Kenya has started its E Visa Issuance with the motto “ No More Queues at Airport, Get Your Visa Online”. So, anyone can enjoy the convenience to get Kenya E Visa now. Besides you can apply for your visa online fast and safely – anywhere and anytime and get it within 48 hours. In this blog post, I will try to explain the step-by-step process to get Kenya E Visa. However, I applied and got East Africa Visa from Kenya for my visit to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Indeed the process of getting Kenya E Visa and East Africa Visa from Kenya taking the same steps.

Kenya Visa Eligibility

Moreover, passport holders traveling to the Republic of Kenya are divided into 3 categories.

  • Category 1 – Nationals and Persons who do not require visas to enter Kenya. In this category, there are about 40 to 50 countries that have visa free entry into Kenya.
  • Category 2 – Nationals issued with Visas on application. Here we discuss on this category that holds the maximum number of worlds Nationals.
  • Category 3 – Countries and Persons who require referred Visas. A few countries whose nationals need any refferel or invitation before applying their E Visas.

Types of Kenyan Visa

The Republic of Kenya right now offers these 6 types of Visas to different nationals of the world.

Single Entry Visa

This visa Issued for single entry to persons whose nationalities require a visa to enter Kenya either for business, tourism, medical or other reasons. While it is valid for three months.

East African Tourist Visa

This is a Joint Tourist Visa issued to persons traveling to and within Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda for tourism. While tourists present this EVisa Printout to immigration control at the point of their entry. However, the East African Visa Sticker will be issued at the point of entry in Kenya. So, it is the visa type for which we are writing this blog post.

Transit Visa

Transit visa issued to those persons who connect through Kenya to other destinations for a period not exceeding 72 hours. The passengers of those connecting flights that remain within the airport area during their transit don’t need to apply for Transit visas.

Courtesy Visa

Courtesy Visa is issued to Diplomatic, Official, and Service passport holders coming into the country on official duties, or transiting through Kenya to a third country for official business or duties. Moreover, it is issued free of charge/ gratis.

Multiple Entry Visa

Multiple Entry Visa issued to those persons who need frequent travels to Kenya. Furthermore, they require a visa to enter Kenya either for business, tourism, medical or other reasons

5 Year Multiple Entry Visa

Issued to USA nationals who require a visa to enter Kenya either for business or tourism.

Visa Fee for Kenya E visa

While the Visa fee is different for different categories. At present following rates of visa fee are applicable. Note these rates includes the service charges too

  • SINGLE ENTRY VISA + Service Charge: $51
  • TRANSIT ENTRY VISA + Service Charge: $21
  • COURTESY ENTRY VISA + Service Charge: $0
  • EAST AFRICAN TOURIST VISA + Service Charge: $101
  • MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA + Service Charge: $101
  • 5yr MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA + Service Charge: $201
  • Fast Tracked Visa Fees: coming Soon

Time required to get your E Visa

Generally, you can get back your E Visa within three working days. However, they claim 48 hours on their website. In my case, I also get my visa in less than 48 hours.

Which Documents are required for Kenya E Visa

  • Travel itinerary (Details about places to visit if going as a tourist).
  • Hotel bookings.
  • Return air ticket
  • Clear Passport biodata page.
  • A clear photograph.
  • Any other optional documents.

Step by Step guide to get your Kenya E Visa

For this purpose, you Open the WEBSITE. In the middle of the page, you can find the Get Started With E visa tab. Where it is stated that Visitors to the Republic of Kenya can now apply for their E Visa services in a simple, secure, and convenient way. It’s a 3 step process. And here are those three steps.

  • Sign Up for an Account
  • Apply for Services.
  • Application Information
Kenya E Visa Get Started page
Kenya E Visa Get Started page

Sign Up for an Account

It is the first and foremost step to start your visa application. While it takes a few seconds to sign up. All you need is your ID number. From the picture above you can hit the Green Tab “CREATE AN ACCOUNT“. You have to put your Account information like first/last name, passport #, email, Phone #, and your country type information.

After submitting the form, you will be directed to a new form. Here you can select the upper right column that has a link to the Directorate of Immigration Services. You can hit the continue tab on the next screen and here you complete your sign-up procedure.

Getting Started Kenya E Visa
Select the Directorate of Immigration Services (New Applications)

Apply for Services

It is the actual process for applying for the visa. Here you can see a long bar indicating several pages to be filled by yourself but believe me it is not a difficult task. Rather, you should feed your simple information in a very simple way. Here I am adding the headings with the required information. In addition, if you want to complete your application at a later stage then you can log out for the time being. Consequently, you have to sign in again from the top right tab to complete your application.

Kenya E Visa feeding page
Kenya E Visa feeding page

Application Information

It is the first page which describes some information about your visa form. You already have this information, so you can just hit the “NEXT” tab at the bottom right.

E Visa Applicant

Choose from the drop-down list as Adult or Minor. Hit the NEXT Tab

Nationality and Residence

Here you have to provide your nationality, resident country, city, continent, address, phone number, and email. Hit the NEXT tab

Passport Information

Here you provide information about travel document, Passport number, passport place of issue, date of issue and expiry, and a passport issued by.

Travelling Information

Here you feed only two points. If you are the first timer in Kenya and are traveling with a minor. Hit the NEXT tab.

Visa Details

What type of visa you are applying for now. In my case, I applied for an East African Kenya Visa.

Applicants information

Here you can provide your Surname, full name, gender, marital status, date & place of birth, country of birth, and occupation. In addition, you can feed your father/mother information and next of kin with a phone number too.

Travel Information

On this page, you will enter your travel reason, proposed date of entry/exit from Kenya. In addition, you have to provide the details of your host, It includes the address, phone number, and email of the host. Besides you have to mention your arrival mean(like air, land, etc) and point of entry(like Jomo Kenyata Airport). If you haven’t any host in Kenya, then you can provide your hotel booking information.

Travel History

On this page, you have to provide your travel history for the last three months. Besides you have to answer a few simple and formal questions.


Upload the following documents that have a size less than 293KB. In addition, the site accepts the JPEG format only.

  • Recent passport size photo
  • Passport front cover( just the photo of your passport)
  • Passport Bio data page
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Any Additional document. Although it is not mandatory, yet you can attach your visa request form in which you can write about yourself in detail. If you have travel history then you can also write it n your own way.
Upload tab of Kenya E Visa
Upload your document under 293KB size in JPEG

Review Application & Submission

Review your provided detail. Furthermore, Mark checks the “ I hereby confirm that I have provided all the information as required in regard to this application” left of the page. Hit the COMPLETE Tab at the bottom right and you finished your application.

Review your application before submission
Review your application before submission

Pay your Visa Fee

After submission of your application, you have to pay your fee by your credit card. A screen message will confirm your fee submission. now your are in the waiting process of 48 hours.

Application Information

Here you can find out the required document and fees to be paid as per your visa selection category

Download Applications

You will not receive any email regarding the decision on your visa. So, you have to check the status of your visa after some time. You have to log in from the main page as per the previous pattern.


Kenya E Visa approval
Kenya E Visa approval

Get your Sticker Visa From Nairobi Airport

So, when you will landed in Kenya, you will provide your color copy to the immigration staff and they will pass a sticker visa on your passport. Importantly, you have to cross-check the particulars of your sticker visa as any mistake can create some problems in later stages. So, now you are ready to roam freely in Kenya or East Africa as per your visa.

East African Sticker Multiple entry visa
Kenya Sticker Visa from JKIA Airport

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