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Visiting Liechtenstein, How to Plan your Vacation?

Visiting Liechtenstein is a unique experience to visit a microstate in Europe. So, here I am with my day tour from Zurich to Vaduz. While my stay in Switzerland, I planned a day tour from Zurich to Vaduz City which is the capital city of Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is a German-speaking principality that shares its borders with Austria and Switzerland. Interesting to know that, it is the 6th smallest country in the world and the 4th smallest in Europe. While it is famous for its medieval castles and alpine landscapes.  It has many small villages that are linked by a network of trails. Despite the effect of its beauty, very less tourists visit this European country.

Capital City Of Liechtenstein

Vaduz is its capital which is a cultural and financial center. Undoubtedly, most of its prominent features can be seen in its Capital. Vaduz is the home to Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, with galleries of modern and contemporary art. So, Vaduz will be your main place of interest while visiting Liechtenstein.

View of Vaduz City from trek to Schloss
View of Vaduz City from trek to Schloss
Liechtenstein Town Hall in Vaduz
Liechtenstein Town Hall

Liechtenstein Fast Facts

  • Official Name: The Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Capital: Vaduz
  • Population: 38137
  • Currency: Swiss Franc 1 US$= 0.92CHf , 1EU=0.96CHf
  • Official Language: German
  • Area: 160sq Km
  • Visa Requirements: It is a part of Schengen and anyone can visit it with a valid Schengen visa.
  • Best Time to Visit: late Spring(April-May) to early Autumn(September-October) is considered the best time to visit Liechtenstein

Visiting Liechtenstein, Top Experiences

  • Plan your visit to the city of Vaduz and the capital of Liechtenstein.
  • Get your passport stamped from Liechtenstein Center Vaduz
  • Take a scenic hike to the Vaduz castle
  • Get your Borderline photo at Rhine Bridge between Liechtenstein and Switzerland
  • Spend some quality time in the serene village of Triesenberg.
  • Learn the history of Liechtenstein by visiting Kunstmeusm.
Old Rhine Bridge Vaduz
Old Rhine Bridge Vaduz

Visiting Liechtenstein and safety issues

While Liechtenstein is very safe with a very little crime rate. Furthermore, the scam rate among tourists is also very low. The emergency number for the police is 117. However, there are a few things to consider before traveling to Liechtenstein. And believe me, it remains safe for you unless you pick a flower for your loved ones or for anyone else. There are certain and strict rules of fines for those who drop a piece of litter or pick a flower or similar ones.

Road safety while Visiting Liechtenstein

Regarding road safety, you have to be very careful during winters which often make driving more difficult. Moreover, you should equip your car with winter tires, and snow chains. moreover, you have to check road conditions prior to your departure.

Local tap water is generally safe to drink as it is safe in Switzerland. Although you can check with locals if you are staying in different areas as taste can vary from one place to others.

Visiting Liechtenstein, A Budget Plan

Transportation in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein doesn’t have its own airport and the closest airport is Zurich in Switzerland. Moreover, its capital Vaduz is reachable from Switzerland as well as from the Austrian Side. Most travelers go there from the Switzerland side. So, here we are going to mention the most convenient way to reach Vaduz from Zurich.


While visiting Liechtenstein, we can get to the capital city Vaduz from Zurich by bus, train, car, or a combination of these options. The approximate distance from Zurich to Vaduz is 109km. Apart from going by car, the people do this trip on two legs.

Zurich to Sargans by Train

Generally, from Zurich Hauptbahnhof, people take a train to Sargans. It takes just  I hour and 10 minutes to reach there. Sargans is a border town in Switzerland near Liechtenstein. One way fare is 33CHf. However, it is free on the Swiss Travel Pass.


From Sargans Bahnhof, we can take the LIEMobil Bus No. 11 or 12E (Green bus) towards Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. It will take around 30 minutes & the journey is very scenic. The one-way ticket costs 8€. You can get the ticket on the bus too. For a safer side, you have to check the timetable or ticket for your return journey from Vaduz to Sargans. For a return trip, it is worth buying a day ticket, which is always cheaper than two single trips. While the price of a day pass is 12€. Whereas you can take as many rides on this day pass for the period of 24 hours on this route.

As an alternative, you can check a Blabla car option which might be a convenient as well as a cheap option of travel to Liechtenstein from Zurich.


A bus is an efficient and reasonable means of transportation for getting to all parts of Liechtenstein. While a car and self-drive options are good and you can travel at your own pace. Drive on the right-hand side.  The buses use the main highway which runs along the Rhine river and connects Switzerland and Austria.

Vaduz is a small city and pretty walkable.  However, we can use bicycles on the flat western side of the country and especially towards the Rhine River. Moreover, you can take a LIEMobil Bus ride to go to the outskirts of Vaduz and other areas of Liechtenstein. It is an interesting fact that you can find signboards that indicate the duration of walking to certain key areas.

Visiting Liechtenstein, How to book your Hostels?

For Backpackers, there are very few options to stay in Vaduz. In my initial plan, I want to stay a night in Vaduz. For that purpose, I marked the Schaan-Vaduz Youth Hostel which has a very good review score. However, I changed my plan then and decided to explore Vaduz on a day trip from Zurich to Liechtenstein. In the mid-range, I also saw a hotel right in the Vaduz City Center. That was Hotel Vaduzerhof which was just near the starting point of the hike to Vaduz castle.

While I used to book my accommodations by or Hostelworld. However, when you’re looking for a hostel, do your research first. Then read the reviews to get a feel for the place. Finally, book somewhere that suits your needs.

Food and Local Dishes while Visiting Liechenstein

Liechtenstein has many traditional dishes that you want to taste while visiting there. Its location in Europe has meant that dishes have been influenced by the adjoining countries of Austria and Switzerland. Indeed, Liechtenstein cuisine is often described as simple, rich, and hearty. Here is a short list of a few food items that are must-try options for tourists.

Must-Try Traditional Foods while Visiting Liechtenstein

  • Kasknopfle is the name of their national dish. it is a simple dough made of flour, eggs, water, salt, and pepper. Moreover, it may have small noodles or dumplings layered with cheese and topped with fried onions.
  • Ribel is another traditional dish. Mostly a breakfast option which is a mixture of corn and wheat similar to porridge. People take it with an apple purée or other fruit sauces and compotes.
  • Dreikönigskuchen is known as “the king cake”. Its recipe does vary across Liechtenstein, however, size is always a bigger one.
  • Torkarebl is another traditional Liechtensteiner dish. This is made from a mixture of corn flour, salt, milk, and water.

Suggested daily budget –  For Backpacking Liechtenstein you need to be very careful to coop with an expensive country like Switzerland. However, there is a suggested budget of around 100CHF per day. Whereas, it includes a bed in a dorm (50 CHF), a portion of basic food(15~25 CHF), and public transport with a couple of sightseeing (30$). 

Visiting Liechtenstein, TIPS, DOs, DON'Ts

  • Admission to Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein with Hilti Art Foundation is free every Wednesday. Participation in public events is also free of charge on Wednesdays.
  • If you are there on 15th August, then you have the chance to visit the Vaduz castle on the special day of Liechtenstein.
  • If you have a Swiss Travel Pass then you can visit Liechtenstein on this pass too.
  • You can visit an abundance of tourist attractions free of cost. It includes the Post Museum, Old Rhine Bridge, City Center, St Florin Cathedral, and many more.
Liechtenstein Town Hall in Vaduz
Liechtenstein Town Hall

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