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How to Plan and Visit Uganda

How to visit Uganda is a top question when we plan a visit to East African countries. Uganda is home to the tallest mountain range of Arica (Rwenzori Mountains). It shares its borders with Kenya, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Uganda is home to Africa’s largest lake Victoria. The origin of the Nile river is also from Lake Victoria. While Jinja is the point where the Nile River staters its journey. Along with Rwanda, it is the place to the last species of mountain Gorillas. Last but not the least, tourists can find and tick the Big 5 during a Ugandan Wildlife Safari. Kampala is the capital and main traveling hub in Uganda.

Other side of Nile River in Jinja Uganda
Other side of Nile River in Jinja
Kabaka's Palace Kampala Uganda
Kabaka's Palace Kampala

Uganda Fast Facts

  • Official Name: Republic of Uganda
  • Capital: Kampala
  • Population: 47.69M in 2021
  • Currency: Ugandan Shilling 1$ =3532 USh
  • Official Language: English & Swahili
  • Time Zone: UTC +3
  • Driving side: Left
  • Visa: Most of the nationals who need a visa can get an E-Visa or Visa On Arrival with three months validity with a fee of 50$. However, an East African visa is also a good option to visit Uganda along with Kenya and Rwanda.
  • Best time to Visit: June to September is a perfect season to visit Uganda. Besides Jan/Feb is good for climbing the hills. Whereas October/November might be rainy. However, we visited it in October.
  • Vaccination Requirements. PCR Test + Yellow Fever vaccination.

Uganda Top Experiences

  • Walk around hustle and bustle of Kampala
  • Expolre the Entebbe Botanical Garden in Entebbe
  • Visit the source of The Nile River in Jinja
  • Chill out on the most beautiful Lake Bunyony
  • Visit the Ngaba Island to meet with rehabilitated Chimpanzees
  • Admire the white sandy beaches of Ssese Island
  • Listen to the roars of Murchison Falls
  • Explore the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Hike Mount Elgon and Sipi fall in the Mbale area in the east of Uganda.
Botanical Garden Entebbe, Uganda
Botanical Garden Entebbe. The place of Tarzan Movie

Uganda Safety Issues

This is the security advice from my hostel in Kampala. A number of people have been targeted by Boda Bodas drivers snatching bags along Acacia Avenue recently. Although this has always been a low-level threat but has recently become much more frequent. The police seem hesitant and unable to solve the problem despite being asked repeatedly. So, we strongly recommend the following

  • Wear your bag over both shoulders
  • If it is a single strap bag, then loop it across your body and place it on the side away from the road.
  • Leave passports, credit cards, and excess cash at the reception and they will look after it for you.
  • Try to avoid walking around after dark alone.
  • Try to get Boda Bodas or uber from your hostel. They have contacts of reliable drivers.

This city is lovely and charming but there are some police-related concerns. So, beware and make your trip an awesome journey. Although, a large number of visitors are visiting this beautiful country on daily basis. So, you must be vigilant and careful while visiting the capital.

Other than the downtown of Kampala, the other regions of Uganda are less prone to these petty crimes.

Uganda Budgeting Plan

Transport Options in Uganda Visit

Uganda has an extensive network of paved and unpaved roads. While you can find the options like matatus (minibusses, vans), Buses, motorcycles (Boda Bodas), Taxis, and bicycles. Whereas, in some areas, you can find railway transportation too.

Uganda Air Travel

Uganda has only one international airport that is at Entebbe. So, all the international tourists land at Entebbe and then come to the Capital city of Kampala.

Bus Systems in Uganda

Buses are the secondary way to reach Kampala. Many overland Buses can reach Kampala from Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. For intercity buses, the main place to get the bus is Aquapark, Buganda Bus Park, and New Bus Park. I entered from the Kenyan side and there are few reputable bus companies that ply on this route. These include the Easy Coach, Mash Poa, and Modern Coast. Pioneer Bus is a new addition to the Kampala transportation System. Their routes are well marked and there is a fixed fare for all travelers. These buses are painted in Orange and Black colors.

I went to Jinja(Uganda) from Nairobi on Mash Poa Bus service for 3700KES. Right now, it is the only company that operates on this Kenya to Uganda Overland Bus route. Previously Easy coach also had operations on this route but from the previous year, they have suspended their operations. So, nowadays they are operating till Busia, the border town on Kenya/Uganda border.

Matatus in Uganda

You can find the minibusses from New Taxi Park or from Old Taxi Park. However, most of the services are for western and southern destinations. Within Kampala, you can find many blue and white minibusses. It has many routes within Kampala city. However, you have to know the exact fare before your ride as sometimes, they try to overcharge tourists.

Uganda Taxis

Both a special hire taxi or Uber has an evolving trend in Kampala.

Boda Bodas in Uganda

Within cities your best option is Boda-Bodas. It is the same Moto Taxis of Kenya. It is economical, convenient and can take you to every inside destination of cities. The normal fare is from 2000 to 4000USh which is about 1$.

Accommodations in Uganda Tour

Uganda is a good place for backpacking and you can get good budget options while your visit to different regions of the country. While you can get a bed starts from 15~20$. Alternatively, you can get a budget hotel room in the range of 20~30$ and midrange from 40~80$.

I have stayed at different properties throughout my stay in Visit Uganda. While booking, I always make a combination of cost, location, and review scores.

Kampala, Uganda

In Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, I stayed at Bushpig Backpackers. It was a neat and clean property at Acacia road. Many of Kampala’s city attractions were within walking distance of it.

Jinja, Uganda

I stayed in Jinja Basecamp which is located on Wilson Avenue. It is a budget option and the best value for your cost. It has a small pool and a welcoming staff team to give you good service.

Entebbe, Uganda

I stayed at Elementis Entebbe which is located just beside Lake Victoria. It is a quiet place and good for a couple of days of relaxation.

Most of my bookings were from or directly booked at the property. However, When you’re looking for a stay, do your research first. Finally, read the reviews to get a feel for the place and then book somewhere that suits you.

Food and Local Dishes in Uganda

Uganda food consists overall of starchy staples like potatoes, beans, and cornmeal mixtures. Uganda has taken the influence from other cultures like Indian, Arabic, and other Asian countries to make a blend of its own cuisine.

  • LUWOMBU is a favorite dish of stewed chicken, beef, or fish. In addition, vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, and peanuts can also be added.
  • Rolex is an omelet-wrapped bread.
  • Posho is a dish that we make with white corn flour while mixing it with boiling water. It is a Ugandan sort of Halva.
  • Chaloko is a bean porridge or soup that is usually eaten with posho.
  • We can call it the national dish of Uganda. We steam the green, unripe Bananas while still unpeeled. However, sometimes we can peel them too before steaming.
  • Mandazi is a sweet donut without a hole.

Suggested daily budget –  For Backpacking a suggested budget is around 50$. As, it includes a bed in a dorm (15~20$), a portion of basic food(10~15$), public transport within the city(5$), and a couple of sightseeing (10~20$/day).

Uganda Visit: TIPS, DOs, DON'Ts

  • Mosquito lotion is a must to avoid Malaria within Uganda.
  • Always ask permission before photographing local people.
  • Use Uber to book Taxis and Boda Bodas at cheaper rates.
  • Keep your valuables in your bags while wandering into the city of Kampala.
  • You have to change your foreign money into Ugandan Shilling at a Forex office in any of the Ugandan towns.
A wooden Sculpture at Royal Mile Kampala Uganda
A wooden Sculpture at Royal Mile Kampala


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