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Turkey - what to expect

Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a country straddling Southeastern Europe and Western Asia. It shares its border with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria, Greece, and Bulgaria. It is a historical land of the Ottoman. Istanbul, its capital is a part of two continents i.e. Asia and Europe.

Topkapi Palace Istanbul, Turkey
Topkapi Palace Istanbul
hurrem Sultan Hemmam Istanbul, Tuekey
Hurrem Sultan Hemmam Istanbul

Fast Facts

  • Official Name: Republic of Turkey
  • Capital: Ankara
  • Population: 82M in 2021
  • Currency: Turkish Lira 1$ = 8.09TRY
  • Official Language: Turkish
  • Visa Requirements: The Electronic Visa (e-Visa) Application System was launched on 17 April 2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. This system allows visitors travelling to Turkey to easily obtain their e-Visas online (, in approximately three minutes.
    A holder of a valid USA, UK, and Schengen visa can apply for online visa to turkey.
  • Best Time to Visit: April, May, September and October are pleasantly warm, with temperatures of 20°C-30°C, so are typically the best times to visit Turkey

Top Experiences

  • Stroll along the streets of Sultan Ahmet
  • Hot air balloon in Cappadocia
  • Take a bath in the travertines of Pamukkale
  • Learn the history of Aya Sofya
  • Watching symphony of the Whirling Dervishes in Turkey
  • Take a boat cruise on the Bosphorus waters
Grand Bazar, Istanbul, Turkey
Grand Bazar, Istanbul


Turkey is not only friendly, it is, in many ways, as safe as Europe and North America, although no place is completely safe in the world. Pickpocketing and theft are common in the larger cities where you need to keep your eyes on your belongings in large crowds. In Istanbul, the areas of Sultan Ahmet, Taksim Square, and Grand Bazar you have to be extra vigilant all the time to avoid such petty crimes.

Turkey has seen tourism numbers rise for the last couple of years. It indicating that tourists overwhelmingly feel they will be safe in Turkey.

Budgeting Plan

Transportation – Turkey has a modern public transport system that includes local buses, taxis, minibusses, trams, and metro.

Local Buses: All towns and cities have plentiful local buses which are cheap to use. There are about 400 bus lines in Istanbul, the majority work until midnight. you must buy your ticket in advance at a special ticket kiosk. Kiosks are found at major bus terminals and transfer points. You can get the ISTANBULKART for transportation. It costs 7 TL, you will then add credit. Keep in mind that most trips cost 3,50 TL each way

Taxis: Taxis are plentiful and you can get one from a designated taxi stop. Payment is according to the onboard meter. As per my experience, the meter starts at 5 TL and increases by 3.10 TL per km. One taxi ride costs a minimum of 13 TL. You can Calculate the approximate taxi fare from HERE.

Metro:  Major cities of Turkey (İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa, and Ankara)now have underground METROS. You need to buy a smart ticket to travel by metro. For a detailed plan, you can get the city maps from HERE.

Accommodation – A hostel dormitory bed starts around 10$ whereas Budget hotels start at around $30 per night for a single room with basic amenities.

I stayed in The DoubleTree by Hilton and booked it by Although I have a quite reasonable stay there, however, I will recommend staying in the downtown area and near to tourist places.

Other sites to plan and choose your accommodation might be Air BnB, Agoda, or Hostelworld. However, when you’re looking for a hostel, do your research, read reviews to get a feel for the place. and book somewhere that suits you

Food and local Dishes – Turkey has seen tourism numbers rise for the last couple of years. It indicating that tourists overwhelmingly feel they will be safe in Turkey.

  • Food: Taste Turkish cuisine, one of the three most famous traditional cuisines in the world.
  • The most famous kebab in the world is the döner kebab
  • Adana kebab: It is a long hand minced grilled lamb meat, juicy and spicy
  • Lahmacun is a thin and flatbread covered with a layer of spicy meat, minced tomatoes, pepper, and onion or garlic.
  • Köfte: There are meatballs of lamb or beef or sometimes both, mixed with spices and onions
  • Mantı – Turkish ravioli with yogurt and garlic, with butter sauce, chili, and dried mint.
  • Pides, a Turkish pizza
  • This is by far the most famous Turkish dessert.
  • künefeis a sort of cake that is traditionally eaten in kebab restaurants
  • Turkish delights are sweets known worldwide

Suggested daily budget –  For Backpacking a suggested budget is below 50$. It includes a bed in a dorm, a portion of basic food, and public transport within the city with a couple of site seeing.


Blue Mosque in Sultan Ahmet , Istanbul, Turkey
Blue Mosque in Sultan Ahmet


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