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Lithuania - what to expect

Lithuania, officially the Republic of Lithuania, is a country in the Baltic region of Europe. It shares its border with Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, and Poland. Lithuania is a lovely place to visit and offers everything from Gothic, Renaissance, and baroque architecture to stunning natural landscapes and ancient culture. No doubt it is an exciting destination to explore in the Baltic region. Vilnius is Lithuania’s capital, a compact and walkable city. The best thing about Vilnius is that you can visit it in one day.

Gediminas Castle Vilnius, Lithuania
Gediminas Castle Vilnius
River Vilnia Vilnius, Lithuania
River Vilnia

Fast Facts

  • Official Name: Republic of Lithuania
  • Capital: Vilnius
  • Population: 2.8M in 2021
  • Currency: Euro €
  • Official Language: Lithuanian
  • Visa Requirements: It is a part of Schengen and anyone can visit it with a valid Schengen visa.
  • Best Time to Visit: late Spring(April-May) to early Autumn(September-October) is considered as the best time to visit Estonia

Top Experiences

  • Visit the historic city center and old town square of Vilnius
  • Do a hike to three crosses
  • Go up to see the Vilnius from Gediminas Castle Tower
  • Visit the Palace of Grand Duke of Lithuania
  • Take a day trip to Trakai Island Castle
Viewpoint from Three Croses Vilnius, Lithuania
Viewpoint from Three Croses Vilnius


Lithuania is a relatively safe place to visit, with a low crime rate. There are, however, certain locations and areas where the risk is slightly greater, particularly after dark. Various crimes occur near the train and bus stations; avoid these areas late at night. Most reports of crime come from Old Town Vilnius. As the main tourist point, it leads to an influx of criminals. Pickpocketing and thefts from unattended coats, purses, and bags, or those on the backs of chairs at restaurants/cafes are the most common threat.

Recent Report is beneficial before a visit to Lithuania.

Budgeting Plan

Transportation – Public transportation (e.g. bus, trolleybus) generally provides reliable, safe, and economical services. The bus service consists of a network of lines serving Vilnius and the suburbs. Additional urban transport systems include a transnational train system. I used the bus from the airport to the city center with for 1€ ticket.

Taxi and ride-hailing companies generally provide reliable, safe, and economical services. Avoid independent cabs that do not display a company name prominently.

Baltic Region, roads lead to Latvia from Lithuania, Estonia, and Belarus. It offers a good opportunity to visit the three Baltic States by car or Bus in one trip. I traveled to these countries by Lux Express.

Accommodation – A hostel dormitory bed starts around €10.

I stayed in The Mikalo House in downtown Vilnius. By staying there I can recommend it.

Other sites to plan and choose your accommodation might be, Air BnB, Agoda, or Hostelworld. However, when you’re looking for a hostel, do your research, read reviews to get a feel for the place. and book somewhere that suits you

Food and local Dishes -With Lithuania being part of the Baltic region in Europe, Lithuanian cuisine truly reflects its culture and suits its climate.

  • Varškės apkepas (fried curd cheesecakes).  traditional Lithuanian curd cheese and are coated in a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, and fried.
  • Bulviniai blynai (potato pancakes). Pancakes with slight variability are famous in the whole Baltic region.
  • Lithuanian doughnuts (Spurgos). these are bite-sized fried doughnuts, commonly filled with pastry cream mixed with poppy seeds.
  • traditional spit cake (Raguolis or sakotis).  It is a giant tower-like traditional cake that is usually served during special occasions.

Suggested daily budget –  Lithuania is a good choice for Budgeting travelers. For Backpackers, a suggested budget must be under 50€. It includes a bed in a dorm(10€), a portion of basic food(10~20€), and public transport within the city Pass(18€) with added site seeing.


  • Vilnius city pass is a good and economical option to visit Vilnius starting from 18€.
  • If you wish to walk through then Vilnius is a walkable and compact city.
  • Google map will be your best companion while walking to city attractions.
  • If you wish to go to a single place then Old Square is a perfect place to offer countless attractions at a single place.
St Francis of Assisi and St. Anne's church Lithuania
St Francis of Assisi and St. Anne's church

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