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Azerbaijan What To Expect

Azerbaijan is also called as Land of fire. It is a country in the Caucasus Mountains along the Caspian Sea. Fire is symbolic and related to Azerbaijan in many ways. So, we can relate it with the burning mountain of Yanardag or the fire temple of Ateshgah. Azerbaijan is among the first oil-producing countries in the world. Baku its capital is called the city of winds. It is famous for its architectural buildings like Hayder Aliey center, Flame towers, and carpet museum.

Maidan Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan
Maidan Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan
Carpet Museum, Baku
Carpet Museum, Baku

Azerbaijan Fast Facts

  • Official Name: Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Capital: Baku.
  • Population: 10.2M in 2021.
  • Currency: Manat 1 $ = 1.7 AZN.
  • Official Language: Azerbaijani.
  • Visa Requirements: Although travelers from most countries can get their e-visas or visa on arrival. However, a large number of nations(most African nationals) need a visa from a specific mission/Embassy of Azerbaijan. Now a days e-visa is suspended for all nations due to the Covid situation. Whereas for a visa Inquiry, Plz Click Here
  • Best Time to Visit: April to June and September to October are the best months to visit Azerbaijan. Indeed, you can enjoy warm weather with a temperature below 40 Celsius during these months.
Azerbaijan Top Experiences
  • Visit the old city town of Icheri Seher in Baku
  • Relax and stroll along the Caspian Sea.
  • Visit the burning mountain of Yanardag
  • Learn about the petroglyphs of Gobustan
  • Visit the fiery Ateshgah Temple of 17th century
  • Explore Sheki’s old town
  • Take a boat ride in mini Venice, Baku
Gobustan, Baku
Visit a day tour to Gobustan, Baku

Azerbaijan Safety Issues

Azerbaijan is considered a relatively safe country. As of our stay of one week, we didn’t trap into a major scam. Although we heard about a few instances of petty crimes. However, it can be avoided by prevailing common sense in all circumstances. Azerbaijan had a recent war with Armenia so, be aware of the current situation between the two countries. Also, avoid the bordering area with Armenia.

Austria Budgeting Plan

Transportation Systems in Azerbaijan

Baku has a well-established public transport system. Its Metro is a part of an old public transport system. So, Baku Metro is not only beautiful but a very convenient way of getting around the city.

Baku Buses are best within Baku and I extensively used this option. We used a combination of google map and Wikiroutes while traveling to any place within Baku. However, a rush-hour like morning or evening makes this a crowded option.

You can use the uber and Bolt taxi app for a budget trip. A couple of times we used Purple 21 Taxi. it is advised to negotiate a price if the taxi wasn’t with a meter.


All types of accommodation starting from budgeting about $10 to high end are available easily. We stayed in Baku and our accommodation was a mixed combination of AirBnB and Although most people prefer to live in the old town area near Icheri Seher. However, it solely depends on your way of living. The best sites to plan and choose our accommodation are, Air BnB, Agoda, and Hostelworld. When you’re looking for a hostel, do your research, read reviews to get a feel for the place. and book somewhere that suits you

Food and local Dishes

Azerbaijan along with Turkey is my favorite place to eat. Although food remains the second priority for me. Even though the experience to taste local dishes always tempting me to go for authentic food experiences. The dishes which we have tasted were

  • Plov: One of the most famous and widespread Azeri food. A saltish and saffron-flavored rice cooked with meat.
  • Dolma: I even rate it above plov. This local dish is prepared by using rice mixed with minced lamb, mint, cinnamon, and fennel wrapped in cabbage leaves or vine leaves.
  • Kebab is an important part of Azerbaijani food and has many similarities with eastern foods.
  • Donor kebab. It is street food like Shawarma and it will save your time as you can eat it while roaming into the city center.
  • Qutab: A type of pancake, stuffed with cheese, spinach, or minced lamb
  • Baklawa is the same as we taste in turkey
  • Besides all the above you can try the best Burger from fountain square and believe me it was the best burger we ever eat on our international tours.

Suggested daily budget –  less than 50 USD For Budget travelers, the average cost per day might be 50$. It includes around 10~20 $ for a budget hostel; 10~20$ for food and 10~20$ for transportation and sight-seeing.

Austria Tips, DOs & DON'Ts

  • Baku Card is quite handy to use in trams, trains, and buses. You can top up it from many bus stops.
  • Check menu and price before ordering as we found a slight variable price on occasions.
  • Don’t talk about Armenia as some Azerbaijanis can get angry if you discuss this subject.
  • Fake police is a common scam there. They can target you like traffic ticketing, photography approval, etc but using your common sense and ask them to take you to the police station can solve the matters.
  • The Museum of miniature books within Icheri Seher is free to visit.
Mini Venice, Baku
Mini Venice, Baku


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