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About me

How I Started Traveling

Hey, This is Rashid and I am here to share my Wide Angle Dreams with you, with the aim to provide you a Wide Angle to catch your bucket list dreams of travelling and trekking. If you love to travel but feel that you are bound in tough daily routines and find very little time to catch your travelling dreams, then you are at a right place. Yes, the purpose to make this blog is to provide the information and motivation to those people who are very short in time and want to see more in a short span of time like me.

about me
Ang Thong National Park, Koh Samui, Thailand
Why Am I Here

Many years ago I trekked to a lake named Kandol Lake here in Pakistan which was fairly big. I had a point-and-shoot camera then and wanted to take a picture that covers the full lake area. I ascent a fair hike to get my shot but even then couldn’t get the required result. That was the first time when I thought about a WIDE ANGLE lens. Our life is just like a lens too, if we want to see more in a single frame then we will go for a WIDE ANGLE. Like every person I also had dreams and the top of them was to travel around the world to see new places, peoples, cultures, and history. But working under tough routines, I always found very little time to capture my dreams. That’s why I was in a need to get a WIDE ANGLE to capture those Dreams. So, I am here with my WideAngleDreams.

Who Am I

I am an engineer by profession and doing a private job in Pakistan.  A private Job is a demanding activity regarding time spent at work. And there is a proverb in our field that

” You haven’t had any social life when you join a private job”. I used to believe in this manmade proverb for a long period of 12 years then I broke this man-made proverb and started to live my own life which has a great social network and a system to receive mountains’ calls, create opportunities to spend nights under the countless stars to fulfill my dreams with a wide-angle.

Train ride from Candy to Nuwara Eliya
Me and My Wide Angle Dreams

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1999 and started my job with a Proverbial mindset till 2011. Then my rebirth took place and I came back into life with Wide Angle Dreams.

Now after passing many years, I created opportunities and extensively traveled within my country as well as the outside world.

Since 2011, my Wide Angle Dreams took me to travel around 30+ countries and many hidden places within my country too.

My travel style is “Less Time, See More” and I am happy with it. However, I have to left many places with a promise to visit them again with due times in my hands.

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Rashid @ Wide Angle Dreams

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